"Climate change hopelessness" is a book for anyone who agrees climate change is a massive problem and who has been experiencing eco-anxiety and/or feeling increasingly hopeless about the issue and our future on this planet, and wants some direction on how to cope with this. Spurred by her own experiences with despair, and designed to provide a multitude of strategies to help people avoid succumbing to hopelessness, the author, a clinical psychologist, presents an array of psychological theory, tools, and techniques in a highly accessible and reader-friendly manner. This book will for many people be easily read in a day, and for those who are wanting to delve more into the topic, improve their outlook and mobilise themselves towards action, plenty of further ideas and resources to pursue are suggested throughout the book.

"Reading this book is a bit like sitting with your therapist and raising the issues you feel about climate change; then having a conversation with her to acknowledge your emotional responses, learn about the human mechanisms at play (the processes that everyone experiences), and come to some sort of understanding and acceptance of all of this so you can find direction, make changes and feel better."


- Dr Jackie Feather, Co-convenor Climate Psychology Taskforce, New Zealand Psychological Society

You can purchase this e-book for just USD2.99 here

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